Panic Disorder Treatment

panic disorder treatment

Do you worry that something is terribly wrong with you because:

  • your heart started racing for no apparent reason during a meeting at work?
  • you became dizzy and lightheaded when you sat in the middle of a row at the movies?
  • you felt a rush of fear while entering the on-ramp of I-70, or when crossing a bridge?
  • you woke up in the middle of the night feeling frightened and breathless for no reason?
  • you found yourself unable to wait for the grocery store checker to finish with the patron ahead of you, and ended up leaving your cart in the store?
  • you went to the ER thinking you were having a heart attack, but were told there was nothing wrong?
  • you no longer feel comfortable shopping at malls or in big stores like Walmart where the exit isn’t close at hand?

Do you sometimes, for no apparent reason, have:

  • sweaty palms?
  • a rapid or heavy heartbeat?
  • tightness in your chest?
  • a dry mouth or difficulty swallowing?
  • blurred vision?
  • dizziness?
  • a feeling of being hot all over?
  • difficulty catching your breath?
  • tingling in your face or hands or feet?
  • a fluttery stomach?

Have you lately found yourself thinking:

  • I’m going insane
  • I’m going to die
  • I’m losing control
  • I’m going to do something strange or foolish
  • There is something physically wrong with me
  • I’m going to make a scene
  • I have to get out of here
  • I’m going to have a stroke
  • People will think I’m going crazy
  • I’m always going to feel this way

Panic Disorder can be treated

Although I don’t REALLY expect this to comfort you now, I have to tell you that if you did find yourself endorsing many of the above statements, then the truth is, you’re in luck. WHAT??? Yes, I said it. You’re in luck because Panic Disorder is actually pretty easy to treat, once we’re able to discuss a few key facts.

That’s because Panic Disorder is actually NOT an emergency, it only FEELS like one. Once we are able to talk about it, and I am able to teach you all about why it is not an emergency, I promise you, its hold on you will lessen. I have worked with hundreds of clients with panic disorder over my twenty years of practice (and I had panic disorder myself when I was in my 20s) so I really do know what it feels like to suffer from panic, and I also know what it takes to break free from the misery of panic.

Another thing I know for sure is that whether you do it now or ten years from now, ultimately the path you take to break free from the hold that panic has over you will be the same. Panic Disorder harms people’s lives by encouraging them to avoid doing things that could bring them pleasure in order to (supposedly) prevent them from experiencing panic. Not only does this strategy work poorly, but it constrains lives until they are so small and limited that they can barely feel worth living.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based therapies are have been proven to reduce the painful and needless suffering of panic disorder so that clients can resume the activities that bring their lives pleasure. I would like to encourage you to get started today!